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Good for the planet, your community, and business.

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Making sustainable choices an integral part of your business operation is good for your business, your community, and your bottom line. Besides, it feels good.

We can help your business harm less by providing the following services:

Carbon footprint reporting and sustainability planning

Transforming your ESG efforts into reliable and trustworthy data.

Purchasing environmental attributes

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), carbon offsets, and more.

Microgeneration counseling

Discover the joy of owning your own power station.

Let the good cause lead your energy decisions.

Sustainability goes far beyond ambitious carbon-neutral and net-zero goals set by governments. Choosing renewable energy as the underlying principle of your business operations today could mean the following: 

fewer wildfires and more companies that can survive them;

more green fields and crops that don’t die because of water shortages;

fewer families that have lost everything in a devastating flood, and more!

Sustainability goals have never been easier to achieve.

Staying on top of all renewable energy market updates, we know how important it is for businesses of all sizes to know their way around ESG reporting and sustainability strategies. During more than ten years of successfully helping companies make smart energy decisions, we’ve found a way to support your unique needs and vision from day one.

Let us tell you a secret

The guiding lights of our work is transparency, putting our clients first, and learning every day. Together with the profound expertise of our energy consultants, they let us build the most effective green energy strategies for businesses across North America.

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Why Harm Less with DNE?

Top four reasons to look into renewable energy options with us:

Meet the demand

Your customers, employees, investors, and community stakeholders are eager to support businesses that choose to go green. Meet them where they are with our help. 

Lower costs

If you decide to go down the microgeneration road, you’ll increase resiliency and lower costs by owning your own power plant.

Get support

Get financial support from the government and recognition from the community.

Reach your goals

Measuring and offsetting emissions is just a part of the ESG framework, but it’s vital to get it right from the very beginning. Let us guide you along this journey.

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