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Everything you need to know about hedging strategies

An effective energy procurement strategy requires evaluating the many strategies and contract types available to your company. Each will hav...

18 May 2023

Nine key points to consider when choosing the best energy plan for your organization

Deregulated energy markets have opened doors for new providers. The healthy competition that follows benefit...

2 May 2023

Nine tips for decreasing your business’s air conditioning use

As we prepare to move into the warmer months, you may be bracing for the costs of higher electric bills as you switch from heating to air co...

2 May 2023

How renewable energy benefits the economy and why it matters to you

The reasons for switching to renewable energy sources vary among companies. While environmental responsibility is the primary motivation for...

20 April 2023

How companies benefit from sustainable business practices

Sustainability can be its own reward. Knowing that you've done something great for the environment may be more than enough to motivate you t...

4 April 2023

Five common misconceptions about renewable energy

When trying to make environmentally responsible choices for your company, it's natural to research energy options and look at what others ar...

23 March 2023
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