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Energy procurement
Energy procurement
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Taking charge of your energy

We provide energy solutions for industrial and commercial customers focused on helping them spend less, use less, and harm less with the energy they use. We operate in all deregulated energy markets across Canada, the United States, and Ireland.

What We Do At DNE Resources
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What we do

Monitor the Energy MarketCreate tailored solutions to help you spend less

We develop unique energy solutions that meet your budget requirements and goals, following three basic steps: analyze your consumption patterns, negotiate with energy suppliers, and monitor your accounts.  Learn more.

Tailored optimization strategyFind optimal ways to use less energy

Want to make your organization more energy-efficient? We can help you find the most optimal ways to use less electricity and natural gas by running professional audits and providing expert recommendations. Learn more.

Simplify the transition to renewable energy

The transition to renewable energy doesn’t have to be complicated. We can simplify this process for you and help you make decisions that are good for the planet and your bottom line. Learn more.

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Many people don’t realize they have a say when it comes to choosing their energy supplier. Our job is to help you make the most informed decisions.


We manage your accounts from day one by routinely monitoring the offers in the market, negotiating on your behalf, and much more!


Through having built strong relationships in the industries we focus on, we are able to secure the best programs to suit your specific needs.

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"I highly recommend DNE Resources to any company wishing to benefit from favorable energy agreements."

Monique, Controller at an Industrial Roofing Company, Quebec, Canada

“DNE was very helpful and professional in locking us into a low and reasonable rate for both our gas and electric supply cost.”

Susan – Purchasing Manager at Plastic Manufacturer New York, United States

“Our consultant explained all the services at DNE and went above and beyond what we expected in terms of resolving an issue we had with our previous energy supplier.”

Wayne – Bowling Alley Owner Ohio, United States

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