DNE's Vivid Vision

DNE’s Vivid Vision

Vivid Vision is a powerful tool to attract top talent, align the team, stay focused, and keep everyone motivated even in the most challenging circumstances. Our vivid vision paints a picture of what DNE looks and feels like five years into the future as if it’s already happened.

Procurement, Efficiency and Sustainability

Welcome to December 31, 2028, where DNE has redefined what it means to be a full-service energy management partner. Our purpose is to use energy to positively impact people and the planet. Specifically, we make it simple, easy and impactful for businesses to spend less, use less and harm less by taking charge of their relationship with energy.

Since December 31, 2023, we have been working towards the following mission:

To build a world-class happy & healthy team that attracts and supports highly engaged, satisfied customers, resulting in $500M of energy spending under management, with $100M of that relating directly to efficiency and sustainability services by December 31, 2028.

We have smashed those objectives with employee satisfaction and wellness scores as well as customer satisfaction scores consistently in the high 90s for several years.

Our customers are finding tremendous value in our procurement, energy efficiency and sustainability service offerings which help them meet their objectives and create value in their businesses.

We can now say with confidence that we have built a true social enterprise constantly focused on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profits.


Core values

Do the right thing

This is the Platinum Rule: we strive to treat others as they would like to be treated. When the interests of stakeholders are not aligned, we’re passionate about finding true win-win solutions. In the end, doing right by each stakeholder results in a stronger and more valuable business.

Stay hungry, stay humble

We stay hungry in our relentless pursuit of excellence by looking to constantly improve on our previous best. Humility and gratitude also run deep in our team. We stay humble especially after a big win, knowing it’s about the journey not the destination and that any success we have is the result of contributions from great teammates, customers, partners and our families and support circles.

Mind. Body. Family. Business

Wellness and peak potential come from honoring the following priorities: Mind, Body, Family, and Business. Think of it as a pyramid with each important element resting on the one below it. If the mind is not well then nothing else matters. From a solid mental fitness foundation comes the energy to work on our physical health and be present with our loved ones. This rich base allows us to bring our best to our business which presents an opportunity to drive positive impacts for our customers and express our unique gifts. Finally, the result of this healthy balanced approach is an inevitable abundance of time and resources which we can overflow back into the communities we care about, which leads to our fourth and final core value.

Together we give back

Every year we donate 1% of revenue or 10% of net income, whichever is greater, to our Social Impact Fund. Our giving projects focus on rolling up our sleeves to do real work that leaves a lasting financial and/or emotional impact and seeking to multiply or maximize that impact as much as possible. For example, we give LED lighting and other energy efficiency infrastructure to food banks, women’s shelters, Veterans’ Legions, youth centers, animal shelters and other vital non-profits in our communities. We also do an anonymous annual food drive that brings our team into direct contact with families striving for the transfer of a genuine sense of caring and community.


Happy & healthy team members

virtuous cycle

As a professional services provider in a competitive space, great people are DNE’s competitive advantage. We distinguish ourselves by fostering an environment that attracts and nurtures the growth of high integrity, high potential, people passionate about having a major positive impact on our customers and communities.

Therefore our team members’ health, happiness, overall wellbeing and growth are the main drivers of our success. Put differently, we believe that happy, healthy and growing team members = happy, healthy and growing customers, which in turn leads to a healthy business and from there comes the abundance to invest in the health of our communities.

Our team has now grown into 100 high energy, high integrity, happy, healthy, passionate and driven people, who have fun doing their work. Our corporate programs are a raging success and promote passion, wellness and positive energy for all team members. Some of our most impactful programs include:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy (DEI Committee, Training, Bi-Annual Surveys and related constant improvement processes)

Mental Fitness Strategy (time, funding, and stigma reduction)

DNE Learning Academy (constant focus on growth and learning supported by an abundance of internal programs through our LMS and in-house career/education guidance along with funding to pursue external education at world class institutions)

Environmental Stewardship Strategy (policies and practices to ensure we walk the talk)

How do we know our team is happy and healthy? We ask them! Every six months we measure our team’s self-reported levels of health, happiness and growth using a proprietary internal wellness metric that we are focused on constantly improving.

We are known for this and people are excited to join our team because of our demonstrated track record helping team members to lift their self-reported levels of health and happiness within six months of joining the team and beyond.


Core business activities

Cut Cost, Consumption and Carbon

We have pioneered Energy Management as a Service. Our 3-phase value creation process includes:

Spend less

Spend Less

Take charge of our customers’ energy purchasing strategy in order to optimize for cost and risk.

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Use Less

Use Less

Reduce our customers’ consumption through energy infrastructure improvements (HVAC, LED lighting, controls and automation) delivered by trusted partners.

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Harm Less

Harm Less

Achieve our customers’ sustainability goals through our reporting suite and tailored environmental solutions (RECs, VPPAs, solar, wind, storage).

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All combined our services help customers to reduce cost, consumption and carbon making them heroes for their companies and communities.


World-class technology

Our service delivery and customer relationships are managed by our proprietary technology system, which meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our customers find it incredibly convenient to access invoicing and bills analysis, monitoring of consumption & real-time customer communication. We even take it one step further by providing energy efficiency infrastructure project evaluation and tracking. For instance, our system can forecast when a new LED lighting investment will pay for itself and can track the actual vs projected ROI. Finally, the system generates sustainability reporting and enables the purchase of environmental attributes to assist in achieving carbon goals all within our proprietary customer platform.


Social entrepreneurship

Give back formula

Of the many ways DNE creates massive social and environmental impact, we are most proud of:

Our core business model impact

Through our 3-phase value creation process, we have helped customers offset more than 5 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Social impact fund

In 2024, we got our Social Impact Formula up to 1% of Revenue or 10% of Net Income, whichever is greater!

We use these funds to invest in energy infrastructure projects for non-profits that return at least a 10:1 benefit while reducing carbon footprints for our non-profit partners. Our projects include investments in energy monitoring, lighting, and solar systems for nonprofits including food banks, homeless shelters, youth centers, Veterans’ Legions, schools, women’s shelters, animal shelters, and beyond!

The best part is that we get to share the volunteering experience with all of our stakeholders by inviting them to roll up their sleeves, twist in light bulbs and contribute their time and energy directly!

Start taking charge of your energy today!

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