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Powering your business: choosing between fixed and variable energy rates

As a business leader, you likely feel energized by discussions about expanding your business or finding ways to target new customers. Sittin...

21 September 2023

Why businesses should consider on-site energy generation

Successful businesses seek competitive advantages wherever they can find them. A less-expensive supplier can allow you to undercut your comp...

24 August 2023

What prevents companies from switching to renewable energy?

Change is hard. Staying with the status quo that has worked for us for so long can be tempting, but it can also mean missing out on better o...

20 July 2023

How to create a strong sustainability strategy for your company and what part energy plays in it

According to the Sustainability Action Report: Survey Findings on ESG Disclosure and Preparedness published by

26 June 2023

How renewable energy benefits the economy and why it matters to you

The reasons for switching to renewable energy sources vary among companies. While environmental responsibility is the primary motivation for...

20 April 2023

How companies benefit from sustainable business practices

Sustainability can be its own reward. Knowing that you've done something great for the environment may be more than enough to motivate you t...

4 April 2023
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