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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Energy Provider for Your Business

From ski lodges and farming operations to retail stores and manufacturing companies, energy costs are a significant line item on your profit...

20 June 2024

Understanding the differences: Residential vs commercial energy contracts

Energy is essential to the operation of both businesses and residential homes throughout Canada and the rest of the world. But, there are ma...

4 June 2024

LED retrofits: The essential guide for businesses

Ever since Thomas Edison flipped the switch on the first light bulb, innovators have been making brighter and more efficient lights. Recentl...

23 May 2024

How can one effectively prioritize energy savings while pursuing long-term sustainability goals?

Using less energy is an excellent way for companies to save money and positively impact the environment. However, ensuring that ener...

22 February 2024

7 ways sustainability benefits your business

With everything from the news to water-cooler conversations revolving around climate change and the environment, it's no surprise businesses...

6 February 2024

What is your opinion on balancing energy efficiency and economic growth?

Is there a link between energy efficiency and economic growth? Is it essential to find the proper balance in the workforce? This ...

25 January 2024
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