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7 ways sustainability benefits your business

With everything from the news to water-cooler conversations revolving around climate change and the environment, it's no surprise busines...

6 February 2024

Six advantages of green energy and microgeneration for companies

Most companies rely partly or entirely on non-renewable fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, to heat and cool their facilities and to ...

9 January 2024

Short-term vs long-term energy contracts: How to decide which is best for your business

Your electricity procurement can have a substantial impact on your business's bottom line, which means there’s a lot to consider when it'...

21 December 2023

Five actionable steps for a successful transition to sustainable power

It is becoming increasingly apparent that current energy use and policies are unsustainable from a global perspective. More and more busines...

23 November 2023

Powering your business: choosing between fixed and variable energy rates

As a business leader, you likely feel energized by discussions about expanding your business or finding ways to target new customers. Sittin...

21 September 2023

Why businesses should consider on-site energy generation

Successful businesses seek competitive advantages wherever they can find them. A less-expensive supplier can allow you to undercut your comp...

24 August 2023
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