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Six ways to make your business more energy-efficient this autumn

The sun has begun to set earlier, the evenings are cooler, and it may even be dark now when your business locks up for the night. As your co...

5 September 2023

Eight reasons why your business should switch to LED lightbulbs

When you think about lowering your business's energy costs, what probably comes to mind is optimizing electricity procurement contracts and ...

8 August 2023

What you need to know about demand side energy management

Most companies don't have the luxury of saying, "Sorry, we are out of stock right now, but we'll get back to you in a few weeks." That's how...

22 June 2023

Everything you need to know about hedging strategies

An effective energy procurement strategy requires evaluating the many strategies and contract types available to your company. Each will hav...

18 May 2023

Nine tips for decreasing your business’s air conditioning use

As we prepare to move into the warmer months, you may be bracing for the costs of higher electric bills as you switch from heating to air co...

2 May 2023

How to involve employees in your energy-saving campaign

Effective leadership requires engaging your team members in setting and achieving company goals and initiatives, whether they are related to...

7 March 2023
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