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Five energy tips to save your business money this winter

Winter months can bring a chill to more than just the air. Cold weather can easily increase your business’ energy consumption, leaving you c...

8 November 2022

What is the difference between fixed-priced and hedging energy procurement strategies?

When comparing energy procurement strategies, finding the best fit for you can take time and effort. Each approach has pros and cons...

25 October 2022

How wise energy procurement decisions benefit your business

Every decision you make for your business, from how much to pay your employees to what to include in your marketing plan, affects how your b...

4 October 2022

How can commercial businesses benefit from establishing an energy procurement strategy?

Are you debating an energy procurement strategy for your business? Some of our readers shared the benefits businesses can reap from ...

29 September 2022

How to build an effective energy strategy for your business

Companies create strategies for sales and marketing, employee retention, distribution, and more. Yet many forget to be strategic regarding e...

22 September 2022

How businesses can navigate the volatile energy market in 2023 and beyond 

Summer heatwaves and winter cold spells, geopolitical conflicts, and new laws and regulations affect electric...

12 September 2022
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