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Join the DNE partner network to grow your business and expand your revenue streams. Empower your business partners with unparalleled solutions in energy management.

Generate extra revenue

Earn commission with zero investment. A referral partner currently receives 15% of DNE revenue on all referred clients.

Bring added value to your clients to build trust

Provide solutions to the challenges your business partners face, like unmanageable energy spending or limited budget forecasting, and establish long-term connections based on trust.

Gain access to professional energy consulting

Energy is no longer just a regular operating cost. Today, proper energy management can create opportunities to generate savings, reduce consumption, and minimize environmental damage. The key is doing it right, and that’s where energy consulting comes in.

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You don’t need to become an energy expert to help your clients spend less, use less, and harm less. We’ve done it for you.

Three ways we can help your business partners:
Energy expenses reduced

Lower energy spending

Supporting expansion

Improve energy infrastructure

107,000 MWH of RECs

Offset energy usage and meet sustainability goals

What does it mean to partner with DNE?

Each company has unique energy challenges, from complex energy management and billing issues to adding and dropping energy sites. Fortunately, having helped hundreds of businesses since 2009, our energy experts know how to solve each and every one of them in the most efficient way.  


Make your business partners happier by helping them approach energy from a completely different perspective and allow them to lower energy spending, improve their energy infrastructure, and meet sustainability goals.


Once you become a referral partner, you will get all the information needed to start energy conversations, and our team will take it from there!

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