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What are the challenges of shifting to sustainable energy sources and how can we overcome them?

26 October 2023

Moving society away from a primary reliance on fossil fuels carries with it some intrinsic obstacles, ones that are often complex and expensive. Business leaders recently offered their thoughts on some of the more pressing challenges involved with transitioning to sustainable energy sources and ways to deal with them. Continue reading to see what they had to say:

Eric Eng

Eric Eng

Founder & CEO of .

High infrastructure costs; advocate for more governmental incentives, subsidies

One of the significant challenges in transitioning to renewable energy is the intermittent nature of these sources. Solar power depends on sunlight, and wind energy requires wind, making these sources unreliable during certain periods. However, advances in energy storage technologies, such as batteries, can mitigate this issue by storing energy when production exceeds demand.

Another challenge is the initial high cost of installing renewable energy infrastructure. We can address this by advocating for more governmental incentives and subsidies to reduce the burden on consumers and businesses. There are regulatory and grid infrastructure challenges. To overcome these, we need to reconfigure our grid system for decentralized energy production and develop policies that facilitate the integration of renewable sources into our energy mix.

Andre Kazimierski

Andre Kazimierski

CEO of .

Upfront costs; exploring alternate funding methods

One major challenge that businesses and individuals face when shifting to sustainable energy sources is the upfront cost. For example, solar panel installation can be a very expensive project depending on the number of panels you need and various other factors. To overcome this challenge, I recommend exploring alternate ways to fund your sustainable energy initiative. For instance, leasing solar panels instead of buying them can help you avoid needing to invest a large sum up front.

Alexander Havkin

Alexander Havkin

Regional Sales Manager of .

Overcoming three challenges

Shifting to sustainable energy sources presents a few core challenges.

    ● First, initial investment: Though long-term gains are significant, the immediate costs for green infrastructure can be daunting for some.

    ● Second, energy storage: We’re yet to perfect affordable and efficient storage methods, especially for solar and wind energies.

    ● Third, intermittency issues: Renewable sources can be inconsistent. Think calm days for wind energy or cloudy days for solar.

But here’s the silver lining! Overcoming these challenges is within reach.

    ● Economic incentives: Governments and organizations can offer tax breaks and grants to reduce the initial financial burden.

    ● Technological advances: As technology evolves, we’re seeing improved energy storage solutions emerging.

    ● Grid improvements: Developing smarter grids can mitigate the intermittency problem, balancing out lulls in one energy source with surges in another.

Nathan Russo

Director of Operations at .

Opposition; educate people about the good effects of sustainable energy

I think that one of the biggest challenges is the amount of backlash or opposition there is to switching to sustainable energy sources. There are still lots of people who, for whatever reason, are firmly against the idea. So, the challenge is to educate these people on why sustainable energy is good for everyone, and to convince them to get on board with it.

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