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Why is it necessary for companies to assess the environmental impact of their energy source?

23 November 2023

Today’s consumers are more aware than ever about the impact their choices can have on the environment. They want to ensure that each purchase made and service used is leaving as little a footprint as possible. But adopting greener business practices should be about more than winning customers. Let’s see why so many business professionals think assessing the environmental impact of their business’ energy source is such a critical part of their operations.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Founder of .

To minimize footprint and maximize the benefits of cleaner energy

Evaluating the environmental impact of energy sources is not just a responsibility, but also an avenue for companies to unlock various advantages. Embracing cleaner and more efficient energy solutions:

    ● Reduces operating expenses
    ● Enhances competitiveness
    ● Satisfies customers
    ● Elevates social responsibility
    ● Contributes positively to the environment.

As industry leaders, we recognize the dual role of addressing environmental concerns and seizing strategic opportunities for sustainable business practices. It’s about not just minimizing our footprint, but maximizing the benefits of cleaner energy.

Kevin Grant

Kevin Grant

Founder of .

To show commitment to green practices and avoid violating environmental rules

Nowadays, figuring out how their power sources impact the planet is significant for companies. It goes along with the more significant focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility happening globally.

Checking out their ecological effects shows commitment to green practices, which customers, investors, and stakeholders are looking for more. Plus, it avoids violating environmental rules, potential fines, or lousy PR.

When climate change matters so much, assessments like these let companies do their part and ensure they can adapt as expectations and regulations shift. It’s crucial for both the environment and their future.

Daivat Dholakia

Daivat Dholakia

VP of Operations, .

Understand the impact of all energy sources

It’s important for companies to assess the environmental impact of their energy source because it’s possible for a green energy source to have negative impacts on the environment. A company might use solar power primarily, but if they source their solar panels from a company that’s involved with polluting the air because of the way they manufacture the panels, it’s not actually helping the environment.

Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley

CEO of .

To stay aligned with the public interest and improve brand reputation.

There are a couple of reasons why I would consider this important. First of all, it’s essential for companies to embrace an increasing awareness of sustainability in their processes and output—and to develop initiatives to improve sustainability, where possible, in line with company values.

Additionally, there has been increasing scrutiny on companies from the public eye when it comes to these types of sustainability efforts. So, assessing the environmental impact of the energy your company uses is a great way to stay aligned with public interests and improve your brand reputation in the public eye.

Todd Saunders

CEO of .

Customers value sustainability

More than ever before, customers are worried about the sustainability of the companies they choose to do business with. The more sustainable your business, the more likely you’re going to be to keep your customers happier for longer. Looking at the environmental impact of your energy source is one of the easiest ways to assess your sustainability. Small changes stacked up over time make a big impact.

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