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How can homeowners take advantage of sustainable energy sources on a limited budget?

22 August 2023

Going green doesn’t have to put a huge dent in your family budget, as there are plenty of energy-saving options out there for those with limited funding. Our environmentally savvy readers tackled the question of how to find these budget-friendly energy sources and offered the following suggestions:

Ramiro Somosierra

Ramiro Somosierra

Founder and Editor at .

Harness solar power

An affordable and sustainable option for people on a tight budget is solar energy. Purchase inexpensive solar panels or even DIY solar panel kits as a starting point. Seek subsidies, tax breaks, or refunds from the government to help with the upfront expenses.

Additionally, to further lower your electricity rates, look into net metering programs that allow you to sell excess energy back to the grid. By switching to energy-efficient appliances, caulking drafts, and employing LED lighting, you may maximize energy efficiency.

As your budget permits, gradually increase the size of your solar setup to satisfy more of your energy needs. Using solar electricity can save you money in the long run and lessen your dependency on fossil fuels.

Jake Hill

Jake Hill

CEO of .

Take advantage of rebate programs or local incentives

If you want to invest in sustainable energy sources such as solar power, you may worry that your limited budget will make this investment impossible. However, there are plenty of ways to affordably have your home outfitted with solar panels. For example, taking advantage of rebate programs or local incentives can dramatically reduce the cost of your solar panel system. You can also opt to lease solar panels instead of buying them outright, which is an ideal choice for those who don’t have a lot of cash on hand and would rather not take out a loan.

Dan Fried

Dan Fried

Install an air-source heat pump

Sustainable energy sources should be a practice in every household as it not only saves resources but money as well. Although, sustainable energy methods can come with their expenses. However, one way to obtain sustainable energy is to install an air-source heat pump.

A renewable energy system called an air-source heat pump harnesses the heat from the outside air to create heating and hot water. It extracts energy from the air and can be used to warm the home.

Other benefits of heat pumps are that they’re a better option to traditional oil and gas heating; creating energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint. These heat pumps can save up to $1,500 per year compared to old gas boilers.

Cynthia Hamilton

Cynthia Hamilton

Health And Wellness Coach at .

Join energy cooperatives

You can join energy cooperatives, which are associations of people who buy and manage renewable energy sources on a group basis. Because of this, you will get the opportunity to benefit from the cooperative’s renewable energy project. You can also have access to clean, renewable energy, as well as the advantages of financial gains from energy production or credit programs.

By joining these cooperatives, you can take advantage of renewable energy sources and control your household’s spending. You must educate others to join this kind of program to save energy resources and keep a sustainable environment. To join this program, I would suggest you look around your area for existing co-ops or get in touch with a local renewable energy agency for advice and support.

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