How renewable energy benefits the economy and why it matters to you

Job creation

The renewable energy economy creates hundreds of thousands of jobs at all income and experience levels. From wind turbine service technicians and solar panel installers to sales and marketing roles and from engineers to manufacturing plant supervisors, many people earn their livelihood in sustainable energy positions.

Decreased energy costs

Green energy capacity continues to grow, and prices continue to drop.  According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, half of all new wind and solar installations in 2019 were cheaper than fossil fuel generation.

Energy independence

When your energy is generated locally, your company and your country depend less on foreign oil and international governments. In the first five months of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the price of wholesale electricity in Europe increased a staggering 237%. 

Mitigation of climate disasters and their massive price tags

The 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires in Canada cost an estimated $4 billion.  Alberta’s 2020 hailstorm’s damages came in at $1.2 billion.  That pulls money away from improvements and funnels it back into repairs.

Increased property values

Not only does renewable energy drive down your energy costs today, but it becomes an asset that adds value to your property, and makes it attractive to future property buyers.

Growth of landowner income

Rural landowners and farmers can create additional sources of income by leasing their land for solar or wind energy generation or through growing crops specifically for use as biofuels.

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