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ECAA and DNE entering in joint partnership

18 June 2024
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A new partnership

Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA), the organization representing the interests of electrical contractors in Alberta, has entered a partnership with DNE, a leader in energy management.

"We strive in continuing adding value to our members. Having DNE enables our members to benefit from preferred rates for electricity and natural gas. Equally exciting is that our members are not charged upfront for DNE’s professional recommendations. I am certain many of our members will jump at the opportunity of getting DNE to help them controlling their energy cost."

Camille Austin, Member Relations Director at ECAA

Founded in 2009, DNE is one of North America’s largest energy management firms, providing expertise, convenience, and leverage to optimize energy portfolios. DNE collaborates with over 30 suppliers and manages more than $250 million in energy spending. This portfolio includes over 17,000 sites and serves 9,000 customers, demonstrating significant reach and impact in the energy management sector.

"ECAA and their members benefit from DNE’s personalized services with each member assigned to their dedicated energy consultant. Moreover, we can address clients’ sustainability goals through renewable energy and with carbon credits. We strongly believe when we say that DNE helps clients spend less, use less and harm less."

Steve Shoiry, Co-Founder & CRO at DNE


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About ECAA

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Since 1962, the Association has represented electrical contractors. ECAA provides many services for its members such as representation on various industry boards, labour negotiations, seminars for specialized applications and management skills, industry meetings and conventions, and develops electrical apprentices through Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT). ECAA also helps members work through challenges with inspection authorities and general contractors.

About DNE

Founded in 2009, DNE is an award-winning energy management firm with more than $250 Million of energy spending under management. Being one of the largest energy management firms, DNE leverages preferred electricity and natural gas rates for its clients. Providing energy solutions to over 8,000 industrial and commercial clients, DNE focuses on helping them spend less, use less, and harm less with the energy they use. DNE operates in all deregulated energy markets across Canada, the United States, and Ireland.

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