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Your business deserves an energy plan that fuels growth.

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Energy procurement should be equally easy for small businesses in rural towns and large corporations with thousands of employees.


Analyzing your risk profile and current energy consumption

Then, we identify the best energy program on the market and build a strong long-term energy strategy.

Negotiating the best energy program

We leverage a network of trusted suppliers to be able to offer you the ideal tailored program at the best rate.

Energy load shaping and budget forecasting

Knowing when and how much power your business will require helps to ensure that you only pay for what you need.

Reviewing distribution strategy

Are there demand charges that can be optimized? We'll find out.

Auditing and monitoring bills to identify optimization opportunities

We make sure that all issues are addressed as fast as possible and nothing falls through the cracks.

Supporting expansion

Whether you open a new facility or location in a new market, we're here to make sure that your energy set-up will help your business thrive.

You care about your business. We care about your energy set-up.

We’ve spent more than ten years establishing solid partnerships with energy suppliers across Canada and the US. We have also dedicated a lot of time to figuring out what’s important to pay attention to when new suppliers appear on the market, what’s hidden behind suspiciously low offers, and how much reputation matters when choosing an energy supplier for your business.

Let us tell you a secret

Long years of transparent work, putting our clients first, and the great buying power that we’ve accumulated with all our customers allow us to negotiate the best prices and terms on your behalf.

Start Spending Less
Why Spend Less with DNE?

We bring money back into your business.

Find the best program

Your business has specific energy needs. Our job is to meet them in the most cost-efficient way, making sure that trust and transparency guide us along the way.

Mitigate the risk of cost variance

Having an expert energy consultant with years of experience behind your back will bring the peace of mind you deserve.

Improved budget forecasting

You always know how much you’re going to pay and why. No hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Enjoy a turnkey solution

Remembering about your energy once a month when the bill is due is not how we work. We monitor your account daily, crossing out time-consuming items from your daily task list.

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