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Taking Charge of Your Energy

We provide energy solutions for industrial and commercial customers focusing on carbon neutrality, reduced spending and budget stability. We operate in all deregulated energy markets across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

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What we do

The DNE Difference

Monitoring the Energy Market for your Business

We will assess the volatility and future market conditions in your area before making any recommendations on an energy strategy.

Managing your Account from Day One

We will manage your energy strategy routinely, give you options, assist you in making decisions and seek ways to optimize your expenditures.

Helping you Take Charge of your Energy

Our unique approach to energy has been proven for a variety of businesses regardless of their industry, energy consumption or budget.

Understanding your Industry and Energy Needs

We provide the necessary support to make a well-informed decision — given that these products are complex and sometimes difficult to grasp.

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Our Suppliers

Our Energy Supplier Network

Using our strong supplier relationships, we will negotiate on your behalf for the best price and term. Based on the original energy assessment, we will use our buying power to negotiate with different suppliers for the energy plan that best suits your needs.

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